Resolutions or Goals???

 Yup--It's that time of year again.  2020 is winding down and we are setting our sites on 2021.  This is the time of year where many sit down to write their New Years Resolutions....  And in the end statistics show that 8% of people who set resolutions will actually achieve them. 

2020 has definitely been a year that we will never forget.  I feel like I was thrown a curve ball, got thrown off track and then never really recovered.  My plans were changed, and changed again.  Resolutions?  I don't even remember them!  As I sit here reflecting on 2020, I want to make some big changes.  To make big changes I know I have to do things differently...  This year, instead of making resolutions that will be forgotten before January is over,  I am setting goals.  

Resolutions.  Goals.  Aren't they the same thing????  

While many will use these words interchangeably, they actually are quite different.  

A resolution is a firm decision to do or not to do something.  Meanwhile a goal is the object of a persons ambition or effort, an aim or a desired result.  

Another way to look at it is a resolution is avoiding something negative while a goal is pursuing something positive.  A goal will also have a plan.  For example a common resolution is to get healthy in the new year.  Meanwhile a goal will look a little different--to improve my health in 2021.  I will accomplish this by loosing weight, exercising 30 min per day, improving my nutritional habits by bringing my lunch to work, attaining 10,000 steps per day, and taking the supplements suggested by my Chiropractor, and getting adjusted weekly.   

So as we head into 2021, I challenge you to be a little different.  Instead of setting Resolutions for 2021 set Goals!  

And remember, Care More Chiropractic is committed to helping our family of Chiropractic patients achieve their health goals!  

Wishing you a Healthy & Happy New Year! 

In health, 

Dr. K


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