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Care More has moved! Dr. Claire, Dr. Steve and I are excited to announce that after 22 ½ years, Care More has moved to our NEW location! The New Office is located at 1580 Holcomb Bridge Rd #20.  This is the Market Center Shopping center —the one with the Home Depot and Office Depot.   It’s 2 shopping centers east of Old Alabama.   Our phone number has remained the same, 770-640-6600.   Care More now faces Holcomb Bridge Road and is between the Cleaners and Liberty Tax.   Care More now has greater visibility, better parking with easier in/out access and more space to better serve you !   Want to see pictures of our progress?   Like us on Facebook!   Also, if you write a comment in response to our post, you will be entered in a drawing for a FREE massage!   We look forward to adjusting you in our new space!   Dr. k