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Go Green!

When I think of March I think Green —early signs of spring and St Patrick’s Day.  This year Green has even more significance both at Care More and in my personal life.  Care More is going green—we are well on our way to PAPERLESS!  Need a copy of your receipt?  We can email it to you!  Need to send your information to your accountant?  Yes, our new system will let us email that too!  You’re going to notice new computers in the rooms—as we transition more of our note taking to the new paperless system.   What else has gone Green ?  I now have a green car!  Yes I have a 100% electric car.  No more gas and I park around back so I can charge the car while I’m at work.  With the new commute its not only saving the environment but it’s saving me some Green as well!   And finally there is the garden.  We are building a raised bed garden in the new backyard!  I am so excited that in the coming months there will be buds of Green and then fresh fruits and veggies from the garden!  I