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Wear it Right!

Kids will be kids and the power to “Look Cool” is staggering.  You know the look:  Hair over 1 eye, backpack on one shoulder, hip out to the opposite side, and of course the untied sneakers.  Yikes!  Where to begin??? No matter how young or old your child is, if you explain the why they are more willing to comply….  Well, at least you MAY stand a chance of getting them to comply!  Wear it Right Use both shoulder straps at the time time and adjust them so the pack fits snugly to the body  Be sure it does not dangle loosely to the side.  You should be able to slide your hand between the backpack and your child’s back.  Positioning correctly will reduce the strain on your child’s back shoulders, and neck.   Using the hip strap or waist belt reduces the strain on your back and transfers some of the load to your hips and pelvis.   A backpack that is too low will cause you to lean forward and carry the full weight on the upper back.   Injuries resulting from improper li

Packing Light...

The “wrong” backpack, packing it improperly, or even carrying it “wrong” can lead to poor posture, rounded shoulders, or forward head carriage.  It may also contribute to scoliosis as well as a myriad of symptoms ranging from neck and shoulder pain, headaches, to numbness in the hands and arms.  These issues can lead to improper weight bearing, restricted motion in one direction, and poor balance & coordination.   Carrying a backpack that’s too heavy can cause injury, subluxations and may lead to permanent chronic problems.  Care More Chiropractic recommends regular chiropractic check-ups for kids of all ages to detect ad correct existing problems, as well as to prevent possible future issues.   The doctors at Care More Chiropractic also recommend parents watch for signs of potential problems.  In particular parents should watch for the head tilting to one side, uneven shoulder, forward head carriage, rounded shoulders, poor fitting clothes (clothes that just don't

Care More's Tips For Choosing the Right Backpack

Hi parents!   It's back to school time! While some of you are celebrating & throwing a 'Yea, finally!' party some of you may be missing the kids & feeling the tug on the heartstrings, and they  haven't  even  started  school yet... (in Roswell that is!)   No matter how you're reacting to the end of summer and start of school, in most homes it means it's time to hit the stores for some Back to School shopping.  Regardless of the age of your kids (this holds true for those headed off to High School and College) buying a new backpack is probably on the list. While most race over and pick a backpack based on color and brand, with little thought to the importance of choosing the 'right' backpack.  The 'wrong' backpack can lead to poor posture with rounded shoulders or forward head carriage, scoliosis, & a myriad of symptoms ranging from neck & shoulder pain, headaches, to numbness in the hands or arms. These issues can