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Thanksgiving and Pumpkin Pie

As many of you may know, I've been Gluten Free for several years.  To be honest, it has not always been easy—especially for an Italian girl who loves pasta!  However I also know that when I cheat and eat foods I’m not supposed to I get really sick and miserable.   A couple of years ago it was my turn to host Thanksgiving.  No easy task when your family includes a Vegan, a anaphylactic egg/dairy allergy, a soy allergy, and a gluten free child.  To be honest it was daunting—especially since I was used to cooking for 1 not 20!   I also LOVE Pumpkin Pie.  Its a tradition, a staple, a must have.  So I started a search for a Pumpkin Pie recipe that everyone could eat.   And I found one. On Pinterest.  And I made it.   And it was DELICIOUS! The worst part—there wasn't a sliver leftover.  This meant NO Pie for breakfast. (Doesn't everyone eat pie for breakfast? Especially leftover pumpkin pie the day after Thanksgiving?)   This year we are home for

Month of Thanks

Its November!  Where did the summer (and fall for that matter) go???   Imagine my surprise when I logged onto my account and realized that the last blog I posted was in May!  And I had no excuse as I'd written about Our Wedding, and never posted it. So today, I plan to rectify that. November--the Month of Thanks, and I have so much to be thankful for.  For starters, each and every one of you who take the time to read my posts.  I truly appreciate it.  I'm also thankful for my amazing family, Care More Chiropractic, my Chiro family, my health...  I could go on and on. When I got married last September I promised I'd share the pictures.  And, with it being the Month of Thanks, I figure this is the perfect opportunity to share them. So in honor of Thanks, I am sharing the post I forgot I wrote, and some of my favorite wedding pictures.  As for the album...  Soon!  I've almost unpacked and organized all of my crafting supplies. Enjoy! Dr. k Last year I marri

Upper Cross Syndrome and Your Posture

One of the most common posture related injuries for office workers—people who sit at a desk and operate a computer—is Upper Cross Syndrome.  UCS is one of the most common underlying causes of acute and chronic neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, mid back pain, and jaw pain.   Unfortunately, like cardiovascular disease, UCS is a “SILENT” disorder.   It takes years to develop and initially it causes NO SYMPTOMS.   The symptoms become apparent AFTER UCS has made significant changes to the biomechanics of the body—specifically the upper back, neck, shoulder, and jaw.   The good news is that while UCS is “SILENT” it does give us visual cues.  Most people who have UCS have certain visual cues.  Most will exhibit: Forward Head Posture (ear in front of the shoulder) Increased curve in the Upper Back Winged Shoulder blades Forward, rounded shoulders Unfortunately, saying “Sit up straight” isn't enough to contract this condition.  Being aware of your posture is a good star

Go Green!

When I think of March I think Green —early signs of spring and St Patrick’s Day.  This year Green has even more significance both at Care More and in my personal life.  Care More is going green—we are well on our way to PAPERLESS!  Need a copy of your receipt?  We can email it to you!  Need to send your information to your accountant?  Yes, our new system will let us email that too!  You’re going to notice new computers in the rooms—as we transition more of our note taking to the new paperless system.   What else has gone Green ?  I now have a green car!  Yes I have a 100% electric car.  No more gas and I park around back so I can charge the car while I’m at work.  With the new commute its not only saving the environment but it’s saving me some Green as well!   And finally there is the garden.  We are building a raised bed garden in the new backyard!  I am so excited that in the coming months there will be buds of Green and then fresh fruits and veggies from the garden!  I