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Holiday Tips

Parties, presents, family, and friends...  We are in the middle of the holiday season...  While this time of year is full of reasons for good cheer, the added stress of the season can test the limits of your body.  Research shows that stress and unhealthy lifestyle choices contribute to our nation's health challenges--this includes diabetes, heart disease and obesity.  This same stress can also manifest as headaches, neck and back pain.  A specific chiropractic adjustment can not only alleviate the pain, but it also allows the body to function at 100%.  Throughout this holiday season I will be writing additional posts to help you deal with challenges that often arise during the holiday season.  Please follow my blog so you're sure to get all the tips!  Also, Like Care More Chiropractic on Facebook as additional tips will be posted there.  Enjoy your holiday season!  In Health, Dr. K