Holiday Blues????

The holiday season is a time that is often filled with great joy.  It is also a time where many experiences feelings of stress, anxiety, and sadness.  Seasonal Affective Disorder increases during this time and increases negative thoughts and emotions.  And then there are the Covid restrictions, which can lead to feelings of isolation, loneliness and negative thoughts.  Just because it’s the holidays, emotional health issues don’t magically disappear.  

Here are some of my Top Tips to avoid the Holiday Blues in 2020.  

1.  Exercise: Physical activity can boost your mood in both the short and long term.  It 

And by exercise, I don’t necessarily mean “work out,” you can do fun, easy things like
go on a short walk or have a dance party around your kitchen.  Exercise can help to 

improve your mood.

2.  Get enough sleep:  While it may seem like a little thing, sleep can help you be 

healthier and happier.  Lack of adequate sleep can affect your emotions and contribute 

to stress.  Sleep is something that is often overlooked as a way to help combat the 

holiday blues.  

3.  Eat & drink well:  Keep your healthy habits!  What we eat impacts our mood – with 

this in mind, make sure to eat well leading up to the holidays.  Just because its the 

season of rich and decadent foods, doesn’t mean to throw the healthy eating habits out 

the window.  

4.  Reach out:  Even while we are home and maintaining social distance, we can still 

reach out and encourage others.  Send cards, texts, or call someone that might be in 

need.  This has been an unusual year, and many have suffered sudden losses in their 

lives.  And just because we are being socially distant doesn’t mean we can’t have fun.  

Use technology to stay connected and have fun!  Game nights and family traditions can

       all be modified to be done via Zoom or other platforms.  

5.  Make small adjustments:  The holidays are a time of big changes, so focus on little 

things that can help you relax.  Self Care doesn’t have to be super involved or time 

consuming.  It can be the little things that have some of the biggest impacts.  Try taking 

time away from the phone, listen to music, cook with more spices.  Little changes in 

your routine can make a big difference in sparking joy during the holidays. 

I hope you find these tips helpful.  Please share this with your family and friends and on social media.    

Please remember that if you are struggling, reach out for help!  There are so many resources available in our local communities and via technology.  The hard times will pass!  Things will get better!  You are loved! 

In Health, 

Dr Kristen


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