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Back to School!

Back to school!  Curriculum nights, meet the teachers, and shopping for school supplies.  One purchase that often gets little thought, other than the color, is the backpack that the child will be carrying everyday!  This is actually one of the most important purchases that you make and can have a life long affect on your child’s development and health. Why?  If a backpack is the wrong size or if it is worn or used improperly, they can cause injuries and can impact your child’s developing spine.  The consequences can last a lifetimes.  Studies show that 64% of children have backpack related pain.  65% of adolescent Medical Doctor visits are due to back pack injuries.  3,300 children between the ages of 5-14 were treated in the ER for backpack related injuries.   What is causing these injuries?  When a young adult carries excess weight on their spine as they're growing and developing, it can create spinal misalignments and subluxations.  As the child grows through future growth sp…


Care More has moved!
Dr. Claire, Dr. Steve and I are excited to announce that after 22 ½ years, Care More has moved to our NEW location!
The New Office is located at
1580 Holcomb Bridge Rd #20.  This is the MarketCenterShopping center—the one with the Home Depot and Office Depot.It’s 2 shopping centers east of Old Alabama.Our phone number has remained the same, 770-640-6600.
Care More now faces
Holcomb Bridge Road and is between the Cleaners and Liberty Tax.Care More now has greater visibility, better parking with easier in/out access and more space to better serve you!
Want to see pictures of our progress?Like us on Facebook!Also, if you write a comment in response to our post, you will be entered in a drawing for a FREE massage!
We look forward to adjusting you in our new space!
Dr. k

Thanks Mom!

Time is just flying this year!May is almost half over and I haven’t posted a single blog about Posture.Since May is National Perfect Posture Month, I must rectify that!
Yesterday was Mother’s Day—I was blessed to be able to spend the day celebrating and honoring all of the favorite “mom’s” in my life with family and friends.
What does Mother’s Day have to do with posture???
I don’t know about you, but growing up, my mom was always saying “Don’t slouch!”—When we were doing our homework, reading or watching T.V.In fact, I would venture to say that all of us probably heard something about our posture from mom.
Mom was absolutely correct!Posture is vital to our health and wellness.
However, times have changed!(I know, a total shock, right?)Technology (smart phones, iPads, and personal gaming devices) is wrecking havoc on our posture.I see it all the time in young and old alike—people hunched over their “technology.”
The consequence???This type of poor posture can result in neck & arm pain a…

May is Posture Awareness Month!

May is National Posture Awareness Month.My experience is that every time I say something about “posture” I immediately see a change—people sit up straighter and uncross their legs.We all know we should have “correct posture” (I still hear mom saying no slouching!) but do you really know why posture is so important?What is “correct posture?”How important is my posture???Are there exercises I can do to help my posture? During the month of May, watch my Blog for the answers to these questions and more.Do you have a posture question you’d like to see answered???Let me know and I will answer your questions! In the meantime—Straighten Up for the health of it! Dr. K

Vision Boards

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”Walt Disney
What are your dreams? Your hopes?Your desires?We all have them—that secret dream that thought, that wish of what we want to do or who we want to become today, this year, in our lifetime…
One of the many tools to help manifest these dreams is a Vision Board.
Vision Boards have been used for years; however, they have become more popular in recent years due to media surrounding the movie The Secret and Oprah Winfrey’s show, website, and magazine.In a nutshell, a Vision Board is a collage of images and words of things you want to attract into your life or become.It can be things you would like to have, where you want to live, vacation, or who you want to become, do, or be.
How does it work?A vision bard works by activating the Laws of Attraction, which simply means that we attract anything we give our attention to.The Law of Attraction is a Universal Law, which means that it ALWAYS works!Just like gravity—if I hold up a set of keys and drop the…

I have a Dream...

As we honor Dr. Martin Luther King and his legacy, it’s important to think about some of the messages that he gave us.
First, he had a dream.Dr. King shouted it from the mountain tops, shared it with the world, and his dream helped to change the world.In a lifetime we have seen our country change for the better!
But my purpose here isn’t to talk politics—but about dreams.We should all have dreams!What are your dreams?Health?Financial Freedom?Love? Family?Education?Cars?Homes?
A great tool for helping realize your dreams are Vision Boards.It is literally a board covered in images that represents your dreams—what you want to be, do, or have in your life.
What are your dreams?Have you made a Vision Board?Want to make a Vision Board?We at Care More are committed to helping you realize all of your dreams!
Join us at Care More on Wed Jan 11th for SMART Goal Setting & Wed Jan 18th to make a vision board.Bring some old magazines, and a friend.Care More will provide poster board, scissors, glue…
The American Health Care System is primarily a disease care system.In 2009, $2.1 trillion dollars was spent in the United States on Medical Care.This represents 16.5% of the Gross National Product.Of these trillions of dollars, 95 cents of every dollar was spent to treat disease AFTER it had already occurred.At least 75% of these dollars were spent on treating chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and obesity.These can be preventable and even reversible!
What can you do to improve your overall health in 2012?
1.Get Moving!We all need to be moving—30 minutes per day! 2.Massage therapy—a great way to keep our bodies limber and reduce stress.In today’s fast paced world it is necessity!Ask about our Massage Club! 3.Improve your nutrition!Eat more Fresh Fruits and Vegetables—7-9 servings per day! 4.Drink Water!At least 8 glasses of water per day! 5.Get adequate sleep.This is when our body heals, repairs, and regenerates!How much is ideas?Adults require 7-8 hours, children…

12 in 12

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail…

As 2011 cam to an end, I found myself writing my resolutions, this time for 2012. Last year was “11 in 11;” this year will be “12 in 12.” I am doing things a little different this year. For example, I’m starting earlier. I started developing my goals before Christmas. Again, this year they’re not going to be resolutions, but goals!

So what are my goals? How safe am I going to play this? How honest am I willing to be?

Integrity First. Integrity remains a quality instilled in my upbringing and was further ingrained at the Academy and while in the Air Force. It’s who I am to the core, it’s how I live my life. As I write my goals, I’m going to be brutally honest—not only with myself but also with every one of you!

1.  Honor my creativity by utilizing my creativity at least once per month.
2.  Finish Painting the office by the end of 2012.
3.  Read a minimum of 1 book per month.
4.  Help more people reach their Health Potential by teaching at …